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Building Sustainable Food, Energy & Water Systems

Our Guiding Philosophy

The intricate relationship between water, food and energy require an integrated approach

Agriculture is the largest consumer of the world’s freshwater resources. Additionally, food production and distribution consume  more than a quarter of the energy used globally.

In the face of rising demand due to urbanization, population and economic growth, and global warming it is imperative that the food-energy-water nexus is managed strategically to promote sustainable development


We develop standalone and integrated food, energy, and water systems

Increasing Energy Security and Reducing Carbon Emissions

We offer distributed power systems for industrial or commercial users, and bulk buyers.


With bespoke design and financing solutions, we are focused on reducing the barriers to adoption of clean energy.

Solar Panels
Vegetable Stand

Reducing The Distance And Handling Of Food From Farm To Plate

We are developing high productivity food clusters coupled with efficient distribution channels to offer consumers high quality, locally grown produce

Increasing Access To Clean And Potable Water

We are leveraging technology to exploit local water resources in order to bring water where it's needed the most, like communities with no access to pipe-borne water

Plant & Irrigation System
Three Generations

“The best way to predict the future is to create it”


Our goals are to achieve food security,  effective water resource management and mass adoption of renewable energy for sustainable development.


Our strategy is underpinned by collaboration, knowledge & innovation, efficient resource allocation, attracting and retaining creative talent, and shared value with all stakeholders.


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